2020 Herbal Apprenticeship: Big Changes

2020 Herbal Apprenticeship: Big Changes

Once again this year I’m seeking only four students to meet on the third Saturdays, April through September. I’ve created a new garden with most of my old plant friends and am excited to share knowledge and experience in this new place. Emphasis will remain on Organ Systems, Product Making and Plant Spirit Journeys…  getting the science and the metaphysical together.

You can expect more personal attention and more student specific questions answered. We’ll be meeting at the tiny house/garden/patio and still share potluck lunches. Grow It, Know It guides the spirit of the apprenticeship to keep students in connection with the plants and the garden throughout the six months. Plant Spirit journeys add to this connection through the heart as well as the mind. Students also learn how to research and understand traditional Western Herbal Medicine through books in the extensive library and experience online.Wear comfortable clothing. A dog, Bear, and two cats, Calendula Caledonia and Pounce de Leon, share this space. Still potluck lunches – or we can go out if everyone agrees.

   Here’s an early photo of a part of the garden – the “bones” which include an exciting new water conservation feature, a water pit. Drought and fire planning are important elements of our herbal gardens. The summer winds are fierce here from the West and North, so I use shade cloth to slow the winds way down.

My intent is to give a very comprehensive and contemporary learning experience during the 2020 Heart of Herbology Apprenticeship. Every year I learn more about herbs, physiology, and gardening. I’m now a Cannabis Therapy Consultant and able to answer many of your questions about cannabis.

This is a certification class. I hope you will join me for a very enjoyable learning experience! Please go to the registration page and let me know!

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