Chakra Exercise: Balancing Your Chakras

Balancing your chakras is an elemental exercise that helps you to balance overall – and exercises your endocrine system because the chakras correspond to the endocrine areas. It is ideally done with two people, one placing the stones, but can be done alone. Here’s my version:

Choose loose clothing and a warm and comfortable place where you can lie down peacefully. Gather chrstals for each chakra (see below) and take some time to experience them one by one before the journey. Imprint the color, shape and particular light of each one. Smudge with your favorite clearing herb – I like to use a white sage hyrdrosol spray.

Use a black or red stone for the root or base chakra. This chakra governs sexuality and sensuality. Chrystals associated with this chakra include obsidion, black onyx, ruby and garnet. Essential oils are myrrh, vetivert, frankincense and rosewood.

The Belly or Sacral Chakra is also the chi chakra. It governs creativity. The color is orange. I use a carnelian. Essential oils are jasmine, rose and sandalwood.

The Diaphragm or Solar Plexus Chakra governs the will. The color is yellow. I use Citrine or Tiger’s Eye. The essential oils are juniper and vetivert.

The Heart Chakra is green and/or pink. Rhodonite and rose quartz are commonly used as are malachite, jade and green jasper. The essential oils are rose, bergamot, melissa and jasmine.

The Throat Chakra governs verbal self expression. Turquoise is what I use. The essential oils are blue chamomile and myrrh. An important herb for this area is calamus root.

The Third Eye Chakra is for seeing beyond the manifest world. The color is dark blue or indigo. I use lapis lazuli, sodalite or suilite. The essential oils are juniper, thyme and rosemary.

The Crown Chakra is your opening to Spirit. For Hopis the open fontanel of the baby is the highest communication. The color is purple. The stone I use is amethyst. The essential oils are jasmine, rose, lavender, rosewood and frankincense.

The Higher Chakra is out of body spirit, perhaps spiritual aspirations. The color is white or clear. I use a quartz chrystal. The essential oils are lavender and neroli.

Place the stones accordingly on your body with the addition of black tourmaline between your feet and amethyst above your head. Above the amethyst place a clear quartz.

Beginning with your root chakra , vizualize a black or red stone opening into a beautiful red or black flower. Continue moving up your chakras, vizualizing first the corresponding stone and then flower. After you have opened all your chakras, relax and breathe for a while allowing the stones to heal each area. When you feel the healing is done, slowly close each flower to stone moving fromt the crown chakra to the root. This will help you to keep the energy in your body rather than it escaping unused.

If you have had trouble vizualizing, opening or closing any chakra, practice!