Matthew Wood: The Endocrine System

 da18efea-8b2a-4df1-b463-f159f00b4f72-120x100                Matthew Wood:
The Endocrine System  March 5th & 6th, 2016

This not-so-easy subject is rendered not-so-difficult by Matthew Wood.

“The endocrine system refers to the collection of glands of an organism that secrete hormones directly into the circulatory system to be carried towards a distant target organ.” – Wikipedia

The endocrine system forms a “cascade” with dominance from the hypothalamus/pituitary downwards to the thyroid, adrenals, and gonads with a feedback loop back to the beginning. This is the basic endocrine core that we need to understand. The H/P is the master gland of the system, the adrenals aare in charge of dealing with stress, the thyroid oversees cellular metabolic rate, and the gonads regulated both reproduction and life maintenance issues. – Matt Wood

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