Minerals, Cell Salts & Herbs: Matthew Wood

Minerals, the Cell Salts, and Medicinal Plants: Nov. 17/18

The twelve tissue salts have proved their worth in clinical efficacy, but how do they really work? Why twelve? Is there a good reason?

Cell salt physiology is 19th century physiology. Is it accurate?

And then, how do the salts relate to medicinal plants? The association of plants to minerals and cell salts was commonplace until the second half of the twentieth century, when organic chemistry moved the dial to “active constituents” that were complex organic molecules.

“I have been studying the cell salts partly just to answer these questions for myself and now I am incorporating the insights into my practice. New, practical material, never before taught”
—– Matthew Wood

And, “I learned things about physiology and therapy I learned no where else (not in herbalism, homeopathy, biomedicine, etc.) This stuff is valuable, whether or not we use the cell salts. But I have also used them sometimes, and have seen dramatic results.”
––– Matthew Wood