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Organic Botanicals Products are home-made healers. They include Hydrosols, Tinctures and Salves.

I make Hydrosols in my Alembic Copper Still. First I gather the plant matter, which is all grown organically on my land. I put the plant matter into the belly of the still, add water and put the still on the camp stove outside.  Most Hydrosols take about an hour to make. Why are mine different from most? They are not byproducts of essential oils. All of the oils that would be taken off are still in the finished product. My Philo School Organic Botanical Hydrosols are stronger and more medicinal than most.

See a demonstration of me making a white rose Hydrosol on Youtube:

Hydrosols are frequently referred to as Floral Waters.  The most common are rose and lavender, are often found at high-end stores and used to spray on linens.  Another common use is as a skin toner.  Herbalists are discovering the amazing medicinal uses of Hydrosols.  Because they contain no alcohol, they  can be safely ingested as well as used on the skin without the drying effects of alcohol.  Hydrosols can be sprayed onto the skin, in the mouth, or used on cloth or cotton to soothe the skin.  They are stronger than tea but gentler than essential oils. Many products sold as Hydrosols are byproducts of making Essential Oils. My Hydrosols are not: they contain the oils and acids of the plant which preserve them for about three years. These qualities are suspended in solution in water, hence the name Hydrosol or Water Solution.

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Salves: Healing and Soothing:]

My salves are made from plants from my land – except for Arnica montana, which grows in high altitudes. I order organic Arnica flowers. Everything else – Calendula, St. Johnswort, Boddhi, Rosemary, Ginger or any other herb added is from my Registered Organic Farm. Each herb is prepared individually in organic olive oil and all that is added is local beeswax.

Arnica Salve is the best for healing bruises and aches… whether you just fell down or arthritis is getting you down. The combination of herbs; Arnica, St. Johnswort, Boddhi, Rosemary et al, is designed to reach muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments and to move stagnant blood from a bruise.

Calendula Salve is the essence of sunshine! Simply Calendula flowers because they are simply the best. Flowers wilted, then heated to capture that golden healing power… local beeswax added too.

Why Use A Tincture?

The primary importance of an herbal tincture is to allow for preservation of the healing properties of the herb used. In order to be effective, an alcohol tincture needs to use 45% alcohol for preservation. Additionally, all plant matter must be well covered to prevent oxidation which spoils the mix. Different alcohol/water ratios are used for different chemical properties of the herbs. My alcohol tinctures sit out on the counter for several weeks and I shake them at least once during the day. After I am sure that oxidation will not be a problem, I place the tincture in a cool, dark place in my barn for at least two months. Most well made alcohol tinctures will remain viable for ten years.

Tinctures: they will macerate in a cool, dark place for two months.

Tinctures: they will macerate in a cool, dark place for two months.

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