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About: Mary Pat Palmer & The Philo School (in Boonville)

 Mary Pat Palmer, M.A. R.H. offers apprenticeships and classes with local and nationally known herbalists as well as herbal medicine consults, herbal products and an emphasis on native and naturalized plants as well as drought consciousness. She recently completed the Certified Cannabis Consultant program at the California Healing Institute

Learn to know medicinal herbs from seed to harvest when you take the Heart of Herbology Apprenticeship & study more deeply at the Winter Apprenticeship. We start with the Speedling System to germinate seeds, then transplant to larger pots, then to the land; we use drip irrigation to water through the hot Anderson Valley summer; harvesting leaves, flowers and seeds until the winter when we dig the roots.  Along the way we make tinctures, salves, hydrosols and other products. We empower ourselves through our relationship with the energy of the plants.

IMG_0660 - Version 2Acquiring a Copper Alembic Still was an exciting venture and continues to be a joy to use. Hydrosols are a safe and wonderful way to use our herbal medicines. We still make tinctures from alcohol and vinegars too.  Mary Pat also teaches Plant Spirit Medicine.

Lodging: We offer limited lodging. There are two guest rooms with a sliding scale from $25 – $45.  Please go to the Anderson Valley Chamber of Commerce page for other available lodging.

Directions to 18079 Lambert Lane: I’m within walking distance of Boonville, CA with its great restaurants, cafes and Boont Berry, the natural food store. Go West on Lambert Lane, between the PG&E station and the Boonville Hotel. Take an almost immediate left onto the dirt road that is also, confusingly, called Lambert Lane. I’m at 18079.

Call me at 707-895-3007 or email mpatpalm@herbalenergetics.com. An email form is on the dropdown contact page.

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