The 2020 Heart of Herbology

It’s a new program for 2020: “Perfect Plant Vision“. We offer the same dedication to teaching physical and metaphysical relationships to plants. You will learn plants from many different perspectives, to include the botanical names and why they matter; the doctrine of signatures; the importance of knowing the colors and textures of all parts of the plants and then how the physiology of plants relates to our own physiology. We classify our own as organ systems – such as the cardiac and respiratory systems – and how different plants heal different organ systems. We definitely include our four legged friends in learning to heal.

Another perspective is how to know and grow plants from the perspective of the plants themselves. A garden allows you to understand what the plant wants and needs to grow. Our choices go beyond sun and shade to look at companion planting and soil types, where to plant as well as when to plant.
These two perspectives teach “the nuts and bolts” of herbal medicine. But there is so much more. Each weekend offers a plant spirit journey with a plant that is in flower. Communication is key to the plant world as well to our human interactions. If you have respect and love for plants they will respond in kind. Each weekend also offers making a product – usually a salve or hydrosol – but I also make Absinthe from plants grown in my garden and I am a Cannabis Therapy Consultant and grow a small but exquisite crop of CBD plants for making medicine.
Graduates of The Heart of Herbology Apprenticeship go on to become teachers, growers, or simply guides for their friends and relatives, spread like dandelion seeds to flourish and grow and influence the interactions of plants and animals. If you have a plant you have a friend. The joy of an apprenticeship like this is that you meet so many lifelong friends, both plants and people in four months.
The garden – the “bones” – which include an exciting new water conservation feature. Drought and fire planning are important elements of our herbal gardens. The summer winds are fierce here from the West and North, so I use shade cloth to slow the winds way down.
My intent is to give a very comprehensive and contemporary learning experience during the 2019 Herbal Apprenticeship. Every year I learn more about herbs, physiology, and gardening. I’m now a Cannabis Therapy Consultant and able to answer many of your questions about cannabis.

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