Order yours now! I’ve been busy – with the help of others here at the Philo School. We’ve been making lots of Hydrosols & Salves… and they’re ready to be shared with you. Lavender, Yarrow, Roses, Thyme, Rosemary, Clary Sage, Lemon Verbena, and Oregano are ready for you. They are sold in 2 oz. spritzer bottles. All plant matter is from my Registered Organic Herb Farm and processed in an Alembic Copper Still in small batches. No essential oil is removed.

For an explanation of what each does for you, please check the Products page or, better yet, read the article The Alchemical Allure of Herbology which also gives you insights into the history of Alchemy and the Copper Alembic Still.

Salves remain the same basic two:
Arnica Plus has Arnica Flowers, St. Johswort Flowers, Boddhi, and either Rosemary or Ginger Oils. I make the oils separately in organic olive oil then combine them and add local beeswax.

Calendula salve is made with the sun-kissed flowers, organic olive oil and local beeswax – nothing else because there is simply no better remedy for rough skin, scrapes and cuts.

Order yours here: the drop down shows each available hydrosol. Due to the limited production,there is a hydrosol limit of one kind per order, maximum order is 6.  Order as many salves as you wish!

Shipping is $7 for up to 6 hydrosols, then $14 for 6 – 12.

Available Hydrosols

Arnica or Calendula