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Learn How to Grow, Harvest, and Produce Herbal Medicines

At the Philo School of Herbal Energetics, we teach herbal medicine. From seed to harvest to producing tinctures, salves, hydrosols, and other products, students experience every stage of the herbal medicine process. Get out of the classroom and into the dirt! If you want to gain real-world understanding of effective and natural herbal medicines, join us for Herbal Energetics classes and internships. Grow it, know it!

Upcoming Events


Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis with Matthew Wood

This class on Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis is designed for practitioners of Western herbalism, though it can be utilized by TCM practitioners as well. Matthew Wood has just published the book Traditional Western Herbalism and Pulse Diagnosis, A Conversation with Francis Bonaldo and Phyllis Light. The book will be available at the class at a discount as well. The class is from 10 AM to 5 PM both days. Register here. For a full description of the class: Click here

The Herbal Heart in Winter

Winter allows us to be inside more and to focus on learning more about how to write plant profiles; develop personal relationships with plants; discovering why taste matters; organ systems, diagnosis and theories of herbal systems. We’ll still be out in January digging Ashwaganda and other roots – and planting new seeds in February, but the chimney for the wood stove is clean and it’s cozy by the fire too. As always, great potluck lunches and wise and stimulating fellow students. Wear comfortable clothing. Classes meet from 10 am to 4 pm for four weekends.

The Heart of Herbology Apprenticeship

At the Philo School of Herbal Energetics you learn to grow and know. This is a land based, plant based course! There are no pre-requisites for this apprenticeship.